Download Whatsapp for Windows

Popular WhatsApp for Windows 10 happens to be a freeware and crops-platform as well as an end-to-end encrypted based instant messaging application meant for the use of smartphones. One makes use of it to make use of the Internet in order to make voice calls, sending text messages making one-to-one video calls. Also, it is used for images, videos, GIF, user-location, documents, audio files, voice notes, and phone contacts. It is also meant to be used for the users to use standard cellular, mobile numbers. It entails a feature referred to as Status which permits the users to upload videos and photos to 24 hours based lifetime feed that, incidentally, on account of default are visible to all the required contacts, quite similar to Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Stories. It would be interesting to download WhatsApp for free and enjoy the operations.

Download Whatsapp Windows

It is considered to be the biggest WhatsApp, which has over billion users and one can communicate to any part of the world.

Important Features of WhatsApp Windows10:

• WhatsApp latest version
• Whatsapp free & Safe Download.
• Compatible with all other Windows versions
• User Choice
• Operates with Windows 10 64 bit/32 versions.
• The browser is not required.
• Local application
• “connected status icon”
• Popup window messaging
• A newly based message window.
• Phone with disconnected status.
• Latest personal computer operating system.
• One can make any number of calls across the world.

Operations of WhatsApp Windows 10:

• One has to check the status of the messages sent.
• View one’s favorite messages
• Contains favorite messages
• Forward the messages, video and photos
• Copy as well as paste the messages into new chat
• Messages have to be deleted

Procedure of making and receiving Calls on Whatsup Windows 10

• One has to make call
• Receive a call
• Send a voice note

Procedure of sending videos and photos on Whatsup Windows 10:

• One has to take a photo and send it
• Send over an existing photo
• Record and send over a video

Procedure of managing contacts on WhatsApp Windows 10:

• Add the contacts.
• Delete the contacts
• Restore a deleted contact

Procedure of making Broadcast List on WhatsApp Windows 10:

• Add the contacts to the phone to prepare a Broadcast List.
• Prepare a Broadcast List.
• Send the messages to Broadcast List

How to download WhatsApp for PC  Windows 10?

  • One has to download Bluestacks apps player for one’s  PC
  • One has to click on download blueststacks 2. It is around 250-300 MB package file.Incidentally, Bluestacks happens to be a software that would create android based environment on one’s PC in  order  to play all the android apps, including that WhatsApp.
  • Once bluestacks is installed fully, then from the search bar one has to search for Whatsapp and carry out required verifications that is inclusive of  one’s google account which will made use of for Playstore.
  • One has to download APUS Launcher in bluestac ks  in order to make the bluestacks experience much better.It is interesting to note that one is in position to run all of the android apps on  one’s  PC  that includes Hike, Whatsapp, Clash of Clan and so forth.

How to archive and backup messages in WhatsApp Windows 10?

• Archive the chat
• Unarchive a chat
• Archive all of the chats
• Back up the chats
• Back up one’s videos and photos
• Export messages.

How to shift the WhatsApp Windows 10 messages to a new Phone?

• Important: Before you start
• Transfer the messages to a new Windows phone.

How to protect your privacy in WhatsApp?

• Adjust one’s privacy settings
• Adjust who all can see your photos
• Turn on as well off, read receipts
• Block the contacts
• Unblock the contacts

WhatsApp is also available for Windows Phone. It makes use of one’s internet connection, thus enabling one to message and call up friends as well as family. Naturally, it is advisable to switch from SMS to WhatsApp inorder to send messages, photos, videos, calls and voice messages. Incidentally, Mobile Hub happens to be the best PC Windows Application for WhatsApp. It involves the same graphics from the existing web application that one is already used to. The application is free and there are no hidden viruses or spams. Just install it and have lots of fun.

How to control notifications in WhatApps Windows 10:

• Message the notifications
• Group form of notifications.
• Call type of notifications
• In-app notifications.
• Message pre-views.

Pros Of WhatsApp10:

• When working, very useful
• Messages are free
• Automated delivery
• Genuine product sold by regularly authorized resellers.
• New Edge Web Browser
• One can encrypt or decrypt any text, document or conversation and thus share them with WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and Email etc.
• One can back up one’s messages video and photos. One does not lose touch with one’s contacts.
• Free Download and usage.