WhatsApp gains chat pinning, comprehensive file sharing & more in latest update

WhatsApp gains chat pinning, comprehensive file sharing & more in latest update

The app has indeed now gained a trio of new features in the latest updated version. WhatsApp version 2.17.40 for iOS does bring a chat pinning feature, multi-format file sharing, and other improvements as well. This is indeed a remarkable achievement as far as Whatsapp is concerned.

One can make it as one’s favorite chat that does remain at the top of the list, which makes it very easy to find. To make use of this feature, one simply has to swipe right on a chat in the given conversation list, and then tap a Pin or Unpin option.

The app has also indeed expanded the file sharing based feature, which does now allow one to share any type of file with one or more recipients. To send files of any type, one has to open a chat, tap the plus icon at the bottom then also choose the Document option.

In the popup menu, select one’s favorite storage provider such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. (any app that does include an iOS Document Provider extension should also be available from the respective menu).

And finally, when one receives multiple photos the app now does let one tap and hold on the group of photos in order to quickly forward or delete all of them in one given fell swoop.

WhatsApp has to comply with the data portability based rule in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy law.

WhatsApp has indeed updated its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for the sake of the users in the European Union where this upcoming GDPR law is taking effect.

WhatsApp enables the users to be able to download their account information which does include their profile photograph, group names, and current account settings. Customers’ instant messages will not be included in the download as people have been able to gather back up and as well as export their entire messaging history thus making use of WhatsApp’s existing built-in tools.

The only pieces of information that are being shared between Facebook and WhatsApp are security info and anti-spam data which do help them block bad actors and also fight spam.

WhatsApp has been able to set up an entity within the European Union in order to provide its services there in a way that does comply with EU’s privacy as well as data protection laws.


Whatsapp has featured well and has very many uses that the user find very convenient and useful. Downloading on Whatsapp has become very popular and with added new features it has become all the more attractive. Users do find it very viable and make use of it in their communication, whether personal or business.

Whatsapp has become indispensable in daily communication and any new features added to it are much welcomed by users. It benefits the users in many ways and naturally, they try to take maximum advantage of its features.

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