What’s the fastest growing social media network in the world?

What’s the fastest growing social media network in the world?

As compared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Whatsapp, the mobile app that has been created only 5 years ago has, in fact, 700mn active users are now, of course, the most widely used social network in several markets and is in fact officially overtaking Facebook messenger.

In fact, as a private chat based messenger WhatsApp does allow users to share unlimited text, video, audio messages for free.

Marketers have much to reckon with Whatsapp. They have to face up to no ads, no media to buy and users do not like intrusive spam-like messages that need to work harder to generate consumer engagement.

The most critical aspect of Whatsapp is that one cannot push messages to consumers one does not know. One needs to get invited by the consumers to become their contact.

With 70% engagement daily, every marketer does indeed need to learn these WhatsApp marketing strategies to grow.

1. Create an Engaging Brand Persona for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is indeed a personal as well as the intimate messaging platform where people do tend to converse with their family members, connect with friends and sometimes even flirt as well. One has to create an engaging brand persona or character that does represent one’s brand with it is WhatsApp number.

What’s the fastest growing social media network in the world?2. Offer greater value to build a phone database

Whatsapp will indeed remain ad-free and hence in order to build a base of users, one needs to offer something of value in exchange for their respective phone number. This can be in the form of a promotion, a freebie, a free service or valuable information.

3. Offer is always on relevant content for free

What does one do by starting to build a phone list?

Whatsapp has a 70% engagement rate, higher than Facebook. This implies one needs to offer users great content on relevant topics in order to ensure that they are engaged with one.

4. Delivery of Speedy Customer Service

Whatsapp consists of a 70% opening rate, thus implying the guaranteed exposure of one’s message if the customer is on WhatsApp along with one.

5. Consumer Research

Whatsapp has in fact not so far been used extensively for research but does offer an easy to use, inexpensive and a quick platform to run some quick research.

It is quite obvious Whatsapp can be utilized in many ways to take benefit of the market equations. The marketers have to utilize these marketing strategies to gain maximum benefit from Whatsapp.

The users have indeed become techno-savvy and want the latest app that can facilitate their communication. Market strategies for app need to be evolved and this applies to Whatsapp as well. Every app has to be market-oriented for it to be viable and successful. The focus  has to be on evolving marketing strategies so that consumer’s get maximum benefit from the usage of the app.

One life in a competitive market and one has to find ways and mean to evolve an effective marketing strategy and Whatsapp has also been successful so far on account of this.

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