App no longer operates on Blackberry handsets and Windows Phone 8.0 or older

App no longer operates on Blackberry handsets and Windows Phone 8.0 or older

WhatsApp has indeed bid farewell to two of its long-term partners with the starting of the new year, thus letting down support for Blackberry and Windows 8.0 or older smartphones.

Users will now be able to continue to make use of the Facebook owned app but will not be able to create new accounts or even re-verify existing accounts.

The move will no doubt eventually lead to the messenger crashing and also become unusable, after the update support was withdrawn today.

What are the highlights of platforms losing whatsapp?

  1. WhatsApp is also actually distancing itself from old as well as unpopular platforms in order to be able to focus upon the duopoly of Apple and Android.
  2. The Nokia Symbian S60 was indeed cut-off on June 30 this year and was in fact also the first to go.
  3. As of the January 1, 2018, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10 and devices that do make use of Windows Phone 8.0 that will not be supporting WhatsApp.
  4. The next step in the slimming down process of the platforms that WhatsApp has offered will be the cutting-off of the Nokia S40 on December 31, 2018.
  5. Android versions 2.3.7 and older will also be unable to use WhatsApp on February 1, 2020.
  6. The Menlo-Park based developers of the popular platform have also said that they will not actually continue to work on these operating systems.
  7. The plans are to phase them out in favor of steering resources into the popular Android and iOS versions of the app.
  8. If one is also making use of the affected models, one will also indeed require to upgrade to a newer version of OS in order to ensure ongoing support.
  9. This does include Android running OS 4.0 or above, iPhone running iOS 7 or above, or Windows Phone 8.1 or above.
  10. WhatsApp can actually be activated with the help of one phone number on only one device at a time.
  11. At orient there is also in, a fact no option to transfer one’s chat history between the platforms.
  12. However, the prevalent options are to send one’s chat history by attaching it to an email.


WhatsApp was initially launched in 2009 during greater diversity in the operating systems that were being used on smartphones.

The idea now is to focus our efforts upon the mobile platforms which the vast majority of people make use of.

Whatsapp brings about required changes in its operations in order to facilitate the usage of smartphones by its users. Users always want better operative methods and any changes brought about by Whatsapp in its technological offerings are always welcomed. The year 2018 will indeed prove to be very remarkable in many ways and Whatsapp will certainly be making an all out effort to reach out to its users. One has to simply wait and see.

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