Big Changes in way in the New Whatsapp Update

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It is interesting to note that a new WhatsApp update is indeed on its way and details of its main area changes are indeed already making their way to the web. Users are coming to know about it. Let us know what these are for our own knowledge.

Whatsapp updates are always welcomed by users as they would appreciate if their communication is smoother and easy. In fact, Whatsapp updates are very much user-centric and cater to the needs and demands of the user in facilitating their daily communication.

What is in the offing?

After the beta testing of the new update having been done on one million users, indication is that the main change that is to take place will be that the users will now be able to send payment rather securely via the app, as WhatsApp is to be integrated as a payment method for Facebook Marketplace as well.

Users are already able to send payments via Facebook Messenger, but a similar function to the existing WhatsApp will help stop the spread of scams via the app, which often makes the users to send their respective bank details to strangers.

Another change is that the users might be rather less enthusiastic about what the new Terms of Service allegedly do allow WhatsApp to share information with the Facebook as well as other companies it owns.

What else is there to know about New Whatsapp update new development?

One may recall here that WhatsApp was indeed purchased by Facebook in 2014 and has since then long stated that it would not be sharing the user information with its existing parent company.

However, the new Terms of Service do read as follows: “The Facebook Companies (which include WhatsApp) are a group of companies that are owned by Facebook. Other Facebook Companies provide services to WhatsApp so that we can operate and provide our Services.”

It further adds: “When we share your personal information with other Facebook Companies, it will only be used to provide services to WhatsApp on our behalf in accordance with our instructions and terms or to help ensure the safety, security, and integrity of WhatsApp and other Facebook Company Products.”

“Nothing you share on WhatsApp, including your phone number, will be shown on Facebook or any of the Facebook Company Products, unless you choose to show it.”

Furthermore to know…..

One change that will not be appearing in the new update happens to be the “tone” feature. It has been rumored that WhatsApp would in fact be introducing a function that would be able to send an alert to another user in case they fail to reply to the sent message.


Whatsapp new update is very innovative and will serve the purpose of the users’ daily needs to communicate. Whatsapp update ensures that its updates are purposeful and have the required impact upon the users. They provide professionalized updates that stand out in many ways and thus add a new dimension to their already existing services.

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