WhatsApp update 2018: App encouraging users to make video calls, instead of voice?

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WhatsApp has indeed come up once again with its innovative idea of another unique update for its regular users. The messaging app has, in fact, rolled out a subtle change that will also encourage the users to make the video calls instead of the voice calls. WhatsApp has also released a beta update that does introduce a new video call switch button.

WhatsApp has become rather indispensable and its updates do indeed make the required impact and are many appeals to the mobile users. New innovative ideas have made WhatsApp very popular and very usable. These new innovative ideas are meant to facilitate communication among users and also ensure that the communication is further bridged.

Aspects of WhatsApp update 2018:

  • When one is in the middle of a WhatsApp voice call, thus tapping, it will send a request to the person you’re talking to, asking if they want to switch from voice to video.
  • Earlier users had to cut the call to switch it from a voice call to a video call. This feature does currently work on the Android devices with Android 6.0 and above.
  • WhatsApp in its previous beta version had rolled out features like Facebook stickers, a new layout for the GIF button and option to manage groups by demoting or removing members from the group.
  • The messaging app has also hinted at group voice and video calls on the app.
  • An option to reply privately to a group member was also seen in one of the previous beta updates.
  • The Facebook-owned messaging app in 2017 had rolled out some massive changes for its users. One of which was ‘Delete for everyone’.
  • The messaging app had finally heard the voice of millions of users and introduced this new feature that allows the users to delete messages that have been sent by a mistake.
  • This feature is applicable to both individual and group chats.
  • All file types such as messages, videos, images, files, etc. can be deleted using this feature.

More features:

  • This happens to be a standalone app which does allow the users to communicate with businesses they are much concerned about. The verified profiles will thus make it easier for businesses to reach out to consumers via WhatsApp.
  • The verified accounts will, in fact, get a green badge with a white tick next to their names.
  • The users, in fact, will not be able to delete the specific sent messages.


The features that are being introduced in 2018 as far as WhatsApp is concerned to make it very unique and very accessible. It becomes an essential item in one’s daily activities is it on the professional level or personal level. Videos calls have become very popular and now users prefer accessing them rather than voice calls as done earlier. Technological progress has made WhatsApp a component of much usage and naturally more new features will be added in the coming future.

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