WhatsApp Beta 2.17.309: latest Color text statuses

WhatsApp has a new way in order to create a status, quite similar to the one on. One can create a status with an interesting color background and layered text combined with emoji on top. In order to create one, one has to tap the pencil icon on the status tab. The font can be actually changed by pressing upon the text icon to change the respective background color, one has to simply tap on the palette. One does not have an option to choose a specific type of color in order to be able to tap the icon. Then one can add to the emoji, by tapping upon the smiley icon and then choose the one wants. In order to be able to enter the text then one has to touch the middle of the screen and this will make the keyboard to pop up. Then one has to press upon the green send button.

What else is there to know?

Coming soon to Android: Night Mode for the WhatsApp camera

WhatsApp has come up with an added Night Mode for the respective camera in use within of course the iOS app. This feature component is expected to arrive on the Android counterpart soon. To be to help the users one has to be able to shoot better photos in the dark. The option that has been provided for to be able to turn on the Night Mode that appears when one detects a low-level light environment. The Night Mode icon appears at the top right corner as the white moon, and after one tap it gets activated and then turns yellow. This update is a much-welcomed addition to the WhatsApp’s comparatively simple in-app camera.

WhatsApp Beta 2.17.309: latest Color text statuses

Pin conversations with WhatsApp Messenger version 2.17.264

WhatsApp is now able to offer one the ability to pin down conversations, both for one’s group chat as well as for classic conversations. This also can be rather useful if one received a lot of messages from different contacts. One can keep an eye on one’s favorite contacts to be able to allow them to appear at the top of one’s list of the recent messages. In order to be able to do this one has to simply display one’s chat window and conduct a long press on the one wants to pin down. One has to press the pin symbol in order to set it up. One comes across a limit and pins down 3 conversations. One has no more than three favorite conversations to pin on WhatsApp.

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Whatsapp color text status is indeed very interesting and is additional feature that will certainly attract the attention of the users. Mobile users are always on the lookout for new gadget and even otherwise techno-savvy people are interested in new technological innovations. Chatting is very common these days and much of official and personal work is done on it. Any newer form of chatting techniques is always welcome.


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