New WhatsApp beta update- Granular Storage Control for detailed storage management

The Granular Storage Control permits the users to manage their own space on their device rather more efficiently. It allows users to select and delete certain data such as videos or even GIFs from a particular chat. The update is actually only available for the beta testers as of now.

WhatsApp has brought out a newer Granular Storage feature with its no doubt the latest beta update. This feature permits beta testers to manage the data consumption of the individual group or even the users. The new storage control also has the option to facilitate the users to be able to see how much of the space each type of the file, such as GIF, audio or even video can take up. Also, the users will be a position to delete the files that they do not want.

As mentioned earlier, the Granular Storage Feature is also only available for the use of WhatsApp beta users and is also available with an app version 2.17.340. Since it has been acknowledged as WhatsApp beta, one can also expect it to be an addition for all the users once it has been adequately tested by the existing messaging service.

Those who are interested in experiencing the latest feature can also sign up for beta testing here. Those who already are familiar with the beta version can have access to the new storage feature by launching onto the WhatsApp’s Settings. Under the available menu option Storage Usage, users will also be able to view how much space a specific user or for that matter a group chat actually takes up. In order to manage the messages options at the bottom which allow the users to clear up the different message types such as text, images, videos, voice messages, GIFs and much more from the ones selected chat.

New WhatsApp beta update

WhatsApp’s Granular Storage Control feature has been available for the iOS users since the time of January and will be available for every user can Android very soon. WhatsApp has been able to continuously release several new features and has recently been able to roll out a Picture-In-Picture (PiP) video calling mode, which permits the users to multitask while video chatting on their app. The instant messaging service has been able to look into monetizing of its services and has recently brought forth WhatsApp for Business. The service does verify a business and also facilitates much easier communication between the businesses and their consumers.

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WhatsApp Beta has a recently acquired the delete option for its group messages. Now, of course, WhatsApp Beta for Android has be able to get hold of the granular control in order to clean the data that consumes on one’s smartphone’s storage space.

Whatsapp granular Storage Control is indeed a new innovative feature that users will find very usable and applicable. It is worth looking into as WhatsApp has also updated its versions well and made them more attractive and worth the investment made in them. Try it out and see for yourself!


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