How to download Whats app?

One has to always keep an eye on the latest Whatsapp updates as that would permit to stay abreast of development in Whatsapp. The important issue on how to download Whatsapp update that too the latest version of it. Off late a e-version has been added to Whatsapp and that is text statuses with respective color backgrounds. T is an interesting and attractive feature that will endear the user.

What are the various tips cum tricks to download Whatsapp?

One can get WhatsApp updates from the respective Play Store:

One of the easiest ways to be able to update the WhatsApp is via the Play Store, where the respective updates will be able to work their way towards you automatically. One must make sure that it is not waiting for a particular update by being able to open the respective Play Store thus pressing upon the trio of the lines on the top left in order to open the menu. There one can then select My apps & games and see if that is listed at the top part of the screen.

Download Whats App

So you prefer to have all of the WhatsApp’s new features one has to to get hold of beta versions of WhatsApp through the respective Play Store that one can sign up here. One will also be able to have the latest WhatsApp upgradation even before all one’s friends are able to do so.

How to get the WhatsApp APK

In case one wants to update to the newer version of the WhatsApp manually, then one can download the latest existing version of the WhatsApp by being able to visit the respective WhatsApp update.

download page. One can also download the WhatsApp APK through APK Mirror, the latest version will always be uploaded and that includes the beta builds.

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WhatsApp Beta 2.17.309: Color text statuses

WhatsApp has incorporated new method in order to create a status. Like on the Facebook, one can create a status with respective color background and layered text well as an emoji on the top. To be able to create one, one has to tap the pencil icon in the required status tab. The font then can be changed by actually pressing the concerned text icon. Also in order to change the background color then one has to just tap on the respective palette. Of course, there is actually no option to be able to choose a specific color that one wants, no one has to just tap the icon. To add to the emoji, just tap upon the smiley icon and then that one wants.t. To be able to enter the text, one has to touch the middle part of the screen, and the keyboard will then pop up. Then, one has to hit upon the green send-off button.


It is quite evident that the procedure to download Whatsapp latest is quite convenient and one can follow the respective instructions easily.


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