5 Best Android Apps of 2017

5 Best Android Apps of 2017

Apps are very popular with mobile users and naturally they would prefer to purchase the best in the market. It is advisable to know which popular Android apps are available so that one makes the best purchase. Here are few:

  1. Express VPN: This is sold at price of $8.32 per month yearly package. It is a safe device available on sketchy public Wi-Fi that requires a solid VPN as well as Express VPN, both can be trusted upon. They are secure band located in the virtual private network industry. The app is super fast and is very safe to make use of  and boasts of an SSL-secured network with about 256-bit encryption with an unlimited bandwidth as well as speed. ExpressVPN has best servers in nearly 78 countries that includes Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan apart from other countries. The android app office is over 100 locations in the world, so it is obvious one must be close-by to your location.
  2. 5 Best Android Apps of 20171Weather :This is almost free of cost being $ 1.99. One can download on Google Play. It is the best weather app and has simple and paginated design which reflects current weather. The forecast is for 12 weeks, and a radar is there with other fun stats. One will get a fairly decent set of rather lightly customized widgets and, of course, the standard stuff such as severe weather notifications as well the radar being useful in predicting the oncoming of storm. The free version is no doubt a completely full version and it is at a cost of $1.99 in app purchase that will remove the advertising. Most of the users are also likely to enjoy a range of weather fun based facts that the app offers. Its unique feature is it has a minimal design and one can have lots of fun facts about the weather. It is a completely full version and the $1.00 in-app purchase is devoid of advertising.
  3. Blue Mail: This is free and can be downloaded on Goggle Play. It is one of the best all around email app and has a simple interface and computability which is virtually what every email provider has. There are a set of smart settings that enable you to customize one’s experience. It also consists of an Android Wear support and has the ability to lock up of the private emails ,color coding, widgets and many more. It is indeed very powerful yet simple and the best feature is that it is completely free to download and make use of. It is worth trying out!
  4. Google Maps and Waze: This is free of cost and can be downloaded on Google Play. It virtually controls the navigation apps scene and continues to remain one of the best Android app. It features weekly updates. One has access to places of interest, can get directions, traffic data and is worth the buy.
  5. Google Now and Google Assistant: This is also free and can be downloaded on Google Play. This is a powerful Android app and is voice assistant such as Cortane or Siri. On the other hand, Assistant is like Google Now except that it takes things to a higher level. Earlier Google Now was meant for only Google Pixel phones and Google Allo; but now after the Mobile Congress 2017 had taken place, the app started rolling out more devices. One can see them for voice search as well as send texts and issue voice commands and all sorts of things. It is worth possessing.

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