Whats App Says It Is Looking for Ways to Minimize Fake News

Whats App Says It Is Looking for Ways to Minimize Fake News

Fake news is in vogue these days and many succumb to such news. It is important to know what is real news and what is untruth. Here WhatsApp is making an effort to find out ways and means to deter fake news dispersion within the country.

India has a large market for WhatsApp as nearly  as 200 million users avail its services. In fact, keeping its viewers in mind WhatsApp is providing required features to report to objectionable content. Globally, also WhatsApp has a wide circulation.

Efforts are on to ensure that fake news does not circulate on WhatsApp and several steps are being taken towards this end. For example:

What efforts are being made by WhatsApp to check fake news?

  • Via its platform it is trying to check false news.
  • It is a complex situation as only the sender and receiver can see the messages.
  • WhatsApp does not want to tolerate fake news on its app. On account of the encryption, it is difficult to read the sent messages.
  • WhatsApp is trying ways and means to minimize fake news.
  • Several times major news items of important consequence such as GST, Muzzaffarpur riots got reported which were false news.
  • Educating users that the authenticity of the news must be checked before being shared on platform.

Whats App Says It Is Looking for Ways to Minimize Fake NewsThere have been several instances of objectionable videos being shared on WhatsApp and this has indeed been of much concern to those operating WhatsApp. It is difficult to take action against the concerned people. No doubt, the user can approach the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Efforts also have been made by WhatsApp to protect the privacy of messages.

Concerns have been expressed that WhatsApp could be sharing user data with the Facebook social media. It is not surprising that WhatsApp has become a media for propaganda and objectionable news. One has to ensure that WhatsApp does not become a victim of hackers. Both security and privacy of information must be intact and this must be ensured at all cost. The viability of an app much depends upon this and WhatsApp is trying its best to ensure that its information is not leaked or it becomes a platform for faked news. Privacy is a key factor in its operations. Issues have been raised in the Supreme Court of India regarding privacy. The users’ rights have to be protected.

WhatsApp is known for its popular messaging and on account of this it cannot permit itself to become a media via which fake news can be dispersed.


WhatsApp is a very popular app and has widespread users and, therefore, it is important that fake news is avoided by it. Its credibility will be undermined otherwise and it is important to prevent the passing of fake news via it. Let us hope that  users of WhatsApp do not have to worry about reliability of information on the app and have accessible to genuine news.


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