WhatsApp for Android Users- additional feature of a Separate Video Calling Button

WhatsApp for Android Users-

Whatsapp has come up with a newer and stable version of update for fans of Android that normally would normal bring tweaks to the UI. Popular among these is the newer version of video call button and the relocation of the required attachment button. One will be able to observe the changes when one gets to see the the latest form of stable updates that are rolling out of the Google Play

When did one come to know of Whatsapp separate video calling button for Android users?

This newer form of addition of Whatsapp was initially reported sometime earlier in March, when they came for seeing beta users (v2.17.93). WhatsApp is making an all out effort in trying out to bring in video calling form of operation to the forefront ,thus providing a separate icon, which is situated next to the newer version of dedicated voice calling button on the top right side of the chat. Earlier, the video calling was not to be seen, as it was hidden inside or grouped up with the voice calling button. On account of this, one has to tap twice in order to be able to choose the video calling from a pop-menu.

One will also notice that the video calling button is situated on the top and also replaces the attachment button, which is relocated at the bottom inside the text bar. One is able to see the small attachment located close to the camera icon within the text bar. In fact, the text bar also has a newer look, with rounded corners than having square-shaped type of box look, the earlier type. The text box also has a modest cosmetic based update, having rounded edges.

More about WhatsApp for Android Users Video Calling Button:

This video calling button in private chat has enhanced user experiences. This feature was made available to all beta users of this particular app for a few weeks and the usual WhatsApp user updates to the version 2.17.146 will also observe a dedicated video calling. Earlier, access was to one call based icon and if one would click on that then it would pop-up two additional options that allowed users to select between a voice and a video call.

The video calling button option is certainly to stay, as it is being well received by Android Users. The changes made may be small in nature and rather subtle in approach but nevertheless, they provide the required aesthetic look for chatting applications across several multiple platforms.


The video calling button for Android Users is a stable version of the existing app and is widely used by the masses. The users can pin their favorite contact on top of the Chat tab. Indeed a very interesting and viable feature for regular Android users.

Mobile technology has advanced much and Android Users have been served well by this newer application of video calling button. It is a treat for them!

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