Easy to use text font style – latest update for Android

Whatsapp has come up with new font styles for Android and also searches for its emojis for its app. These features have been given a dimension to Android and will make social media much more easier to make use of and also faster in operations.

What does Text Font Style entail and search for emojis ?

These were initially found by Android Police and are available on WhatsApp version 2.17.148 .One can change the font style for a text without of course having to replace the required text between the asterisks, tilde, or underscore. One has to press hard the text to convert the bolds or underscore or italics. A small menu pops up enquiring for cut, copy or paste. One has to tap on the menu and a detailed options emerge for Italic, Bold, Strikethrough or Monospace along with the share option. It is also easy to search for emojis or place the keyworld.

How to use new emoji approach for Android?

When one approaches the emoji keyword, there is search option at the bottom. One has to type whatever emoji one requires to make use of and one will find the requisite information. This becomes useful when one has only emojis as an option to dig out information.

What is there to know about Whatsapp ?

Briefly, it is the world major messaging app with over 1 billion users with over 200 million users alone are in India. It is major mode of communication.

Let us look at Hifonts:

This one of the best font installer for Android and makes available several that have been specifically chosen. One can download as many as possible fonts to install in your phone. It is easy to change one’s font size. They are available in different styles and sizes. One can make the font different and change one’s mood. These fonts are easy to apply.

There a re Hifonts in different colors and atykles such as comic , galaxy, candy fonts, clean fonts and color fonts.

Android and Fonts in XML:

One can access these fonts by adding them to the font file/res/folder and compiling them in one’s file. One can access the font resources with new type of resource type of font.

One can use fonts in EXML layouts.

Changing of fonts in Android:

One can change the style and size of font in Android. One can download several fonts from one’s Android phone. One can make one’s phone more attractive and more tolerable. For instance, Xiaomi Android and Samsung devices lets one change the size of the font and its style and customizes the phone to one’s liking.

There are several smartphones which do not provide requisite facility to moderate the existing system fonts. Some smartphone dealers have tried to modify their devices to incorporate newer font feature.


Text fonts in Android phones are varied and make the mobile phones more usable and attractive. They are changed according to users’ needs and requirements.


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