WhatsApp’s latest update: Two additional new features for Android smartphones!

WhatsApp’s latest update: Two additional new features for Android smartphones!


Whatsapp has made it convenient for users to make use of newer forms of text font based styles and also search for emojis for latest version of its existing app.

The new features are available on Whatsapp version 2.17.148. These features will make browsing on social media easier and quicker.

What are the new two new features Whatsapp for Android?

  • It has made it easy to for one to apply new text font styles. One need not replace the text with underscore, asterisk or a tilde. One can simply press the text they want  to be converted into italics or bold or underscore it. With small menu popping up, one wants to copy, paste, or cut it.
  • Make the search for the emojis easy on its app.

The Android Police discovered these new features and pointed out these  to others . They highlighted the new versions available of Whatsapp version.

What is there to know about WhatsApp?

Over a billion users  all over the world make use of it and over 200 million are in India itself. Several features are being added to it, making it useful for users to communicate and use it in their daily operations. It has popularized app in the Indian mobile market, although all over the world it has gained much distinction.


Whatsapp is revolutionizing mobile market with its new innovation and will continue to do so. Many users are making a beeline to it and the feedback of its application has been positive. More is in the offing and users will be surprised with the announcements. They can eagerly await for more announcements as  mobile  technology is changing very rapidly.

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