WhatsApp update – Messaging app introduces its new spectacular feature!

Update Whatsapp New Version


WhatsApp has come up with new update allowing users to send any type of file that they want on chat app. This would imply that those making use of this option of sharing these APKS in addition to the already standardized type of Word and PDF documents. Contact was made by Express.co.uk to ensure the release of this unique feature. Up till now there was a third-party involvement SendANYFILE app claiming to offer a particular method of sending the file format via the Whatsapppp as well Facebook Messenger. Presently, it is available for Android phones as well.

Whatsapp has announced that it was extending support for the those users who had older versions of the Android.

Know more about about WhatsAp Messing app special feature:

WhatsApp has stated that that the chat app will continue to function on Android versions 2.3.7 and older until the date February 1st 2020. Of course they have also stated that certain features may come to an end.

Users are so taken back by this feature that they want to use it innumerable times like a viewer commented that he would like to surf on account of this feature. WhatsApp has welcomed many of its users to avail this feature as it will be useful professionally as well as personally.

What is chat all about?

Chat app has proven a rival to Facebook, as users find worthy news on it. Nevertheless, as news sources it varies in several countries. For example, based upon Digital News report, it has been observed that over 50% of the people surveyed have been using Whatsapp for news atleast once in week. On the other hand, in the UK and USA about 5 and 3 % respectively have been making use of it.


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