WhatsApp Text Status Back to iPhone 

WhatsApp Text Status Back to iPhone 


WhatsApp in order to curb the outrage caused over the removal of the text status has made it a point to re-instate it again. It was brought back by the Facebook possessed  company  sometime back this week for Android and then it percolated down to iPhone users as well. Wow what a treat! The app is indeed worth the try.

More about Text Status of WhatsApp:

The latest Whatsapp for the iPhone updates will no doubt ,get back the old text status back. All one has to do is go on to the App Store and then download the latest version of the WhatsApp(v2.17.10). As per the reads of the description, the new Text based status feature will now be called as About.

This updated version also brings forth additional new features such as :

  • Playing of videos without having to download them completely.
  • A new moon type of icon in order to get hold of better videos and photos even under low-light based conditions.
  • 3-D Touch support in order to directly support the cropping of an image.
  • The contact list will enable the viewing of status messages by the opening of the contact, and to start a new chat thread or view one’s info into a group.Incidentally, Facebook had earlier come out with  similar type of featured product for the Messenger App referred to as Messenger Day.


Users of WhatsApp Text Status have, no doubt, much to enjoy with proper videos and photos and the usage of sophisticated app technology. Facebook has definitely come up with an app that several iPhone users have found very viable and useful.

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