WhatsApp new update launch- Yet to include the feature one wants

WhatsApp new update launch- Yet to include the feature one wants


Whatsapp has come up with a newer version for iOS users which permits the new upgradation to a successful chat app.

WHATSAPP has pushed-out a new update for iOS users which bundles a slew of nifty new upgrades to the hugely-successful chat app. However, despite the latest leaks pointing to the launch of the ability to revoke sent messages – the feature has yet to appear in the iOS app.

What is there to know about this newer update of Whatsapp?

Definitely, Whatsapp has launched this new version of iOS, but at the same time those who are searching for deleting or revoking sent messages need not be surprised. On the other hand, the “Facebook owned messenger” has innumerable photos surrounding photos.

The latest version enables the ability to apply the available filters to the photos that one has taken within Whatsapp. One can apply these photos as well as videos cum GIFs that would make this photos and videos more jazzier before the friends have a look at them.

At the time of launching there were only five options available: B&W Pop, B&W Coo, Chrome as well as Film. Yet one can look forward for more filters .

Other features:

  • Whatsapp is able to group images into several albums whenever multiple snaps are being sent to the same contact.
  • It avoids the flooding of photos in chat.
  • One can swipe from left- to- right across any of the individual messages that have to be replied.
  • It saves time. Earlier method was tedious. One had press and then hold onto the message in order to load the menu with  a  given option Reply.


iOS has indeed been given a new face-lift by Whatsapp and has features that make it viable to use it well…an

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