WhatsApp for iPhone with Pinned Chats, Supporting  All File Types

WhatsApp for iPhone with Pinned Chats, Supporting  All File Types

WhatsApp has been  able to roll out  successfully an updated version with several new features for its iPhone users. The new updated version 2.17.40 has features such as:

  • pinned chats
  • support system for all file types
  • can successfully delete multiple photos in  a jiffy

Can pin favorite chats to the top level of the screen in order to make them easily accessible despite when the last message was made with the respective contact.

More to know: WhatsApp had introduced the feature  to all of the Android after the a test was conducted  in “beta for a month”, thus making it now available for  iPhone users.

What is unique about WhatsUp updated 2.17.40 version?

It can pin up nearly up to three chats on to portion of the list. Last week all types of files were officially announced and iPhone users got the feature mentioned in their officially acknowledged updates’ change log, thus confirming the arrival. WhatsApps is now in a position to send any type of document and will not limit one to select a file type like earlier.

Procedure to attach a document:

One has to open a chat, then tap on the attach and go ahead and select the desired document.


The WhatsApp version 2.17.40 gives support for the deletion of group photos rather quickly by simply holding as well as tapping them. It consists of a  “photo bundling feature” whereby a bulk amount of photos are sent immediately after other photos are bundled together automatically in order to save the chat screen spaces.

The hidden feature of this version of  WhatsApp is that it is testing the ability to play YouTube videos, implying that one need not leave  this messaging app to all and sundry as of now. It  would  be interesting when this happens.

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